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The overall goal of the ARIAS project is to improve the design methods employed by aircraft engine manufacturers to predict aeromechanical vibrations, which occur due to the interaction of the component vibration with the air flow through the machine. In-practice, the limitations of current methods generally lead to over conservative designs, where unwanted aeromechanical behaviour is avoided at the expense of cost, weight and complexity in the components. Having access to more reliable design methods will enable optimisation of aeromechanically acceptable component designs, facilitating the production of more efficient, reliable and quieter engines.


This objective will be achieved by:

  • creating a database of high quality measurements from experiments on complex aeromechanical behaviours that have not been previously investigated

  • developing new analysis methods, new measurement techniques and new technologies to mitigate harmful vibrations

In summary, the objective of the project are: >>

Improved understanding of the underlying physics of aeromechanical vibrations

Reduce product development time and costs

Validated analytical methods to support engine certification

Enabling design of more efficient and quieter engines

The ARIAS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon

2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769346.

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